Sunday, October 18, 2009


Try to watch this video!

This is the video I gather to make my very 1st own blog, hope you like it Ma'am. Montalbo =]


This tragic moment that shock all the lives of the Filipino's, On the day of September 26, 2009. Typhoon Ondoy battered Luzon in just a few minute that kills so many people and destroyed lots of houses and impermanent lots of people that are homeless for now on, the non-stop rainfall that cause to sink the whole metro manila that Typhoon Ondoy, that is supposed to be the six month rainfall, in that day I've seen all the happening that surround our hause, all the people are desperate just to escape the onslaught of typhoon ondoy in that time, I tried to help but the power of Ondoy sinks into my mind so all just I can do is to watch all the depression, desperation and all the other things that I will surely never forget the worst thing that happened in the Philippines, the most powerfull typhoon struck Philippines "Typhoon Ondoy"

likes: I like this, because people learns to give an importance to our environment and learn how to face a true tragic moment that is so hard to a weak or rather we say to a melow dramatic people

dislikes: I didn't like this because it kills so many lives and living things that impermanent so many live's

comment: My comment on the video I gather is so shocking and dramatic bacause that moment is so uncommon to happen.

relate to psychology: I relate it to psychology because it deals with the mind of the people who experience the onsluaght of typhoon ondoy like depression, desperation, emotion that isn't hard to forget rather we say it to move on